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Advisor: Mrs. Schwemmer
Layout and Copy Editor: Kylee Saunders
Publication Staff: Leah Lundy

The newspaper staff consists of volunteer writers as there is no longer a newspaper class.

Our staff is comprised of students from grades seven through twelve. We meet once a month after school to discuss layout and what will be included in the newspaper. Writing for the next edition begins immediately after the printing and distribution of the current issue. Each edition is scheduled to go out by the middle of each month.

Articles are accepted from students even if they do not want to join the newspaper club. Writers can contribute as much or as little as they want – there is no monthly requirement. The school newspaper is a fantastic way to get the word out about your club, organization, or event. If you are interested in being a published journalist and want to write a featured article, submit a poem, a drawing, or short story, stop by and see Mrs. Schwemmer in the library!
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