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Northgate Football Season Passes
Northgate Football is a staple in the community and the team is offering season passes at a very affordable rate, only $20.00. You can pick up your season passes in the high school office daily from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Passes will also be sold at Bellevue Night out on Tuesday, August 5, Meet the Flames on Wednesday, August 27, 2014 and the first home game on Friday, August 29, 2014.

Coach T.J. Wiley will be returning as the head football coach. The season will start off with a home game on August 29 at 7:00 p.m. at Alumni Field against state champions North Catholic. The last game of the season will be against Northgate rival Avonworth. Here is the rest of the season at a glance:

7:00 p.m.

vs. North Catholic (Pittsburgh, PA)
: Northgate Alumni Field

7:00 p.m.

vs. Vincentian Academy (Pittsburgh, PA)
: Northgate Alumni Field

7:00 p.m.

vs. Canevin Catholic (Pittsburgh, PA)
: Canevin Catholic High School

7:00 p.m.

vs. Chartiers-Houston (Houston, PA)
: Chartiers-Houston High School

7:00 p.m.

vs. Our Lady of the Sacred Heart (Coraopolis, PA)
: Northgate Alumni Field

7:30 p.m.

vs. Brentwood (Pittsburgh, PA)
: Northgate Alumni Field

12:30 p.m.

vs. Western Beaver (Industry, PA)
: Western Beaver High School

7:00 p.m.

vs. Fort Cherry (McDonald, PA)
: Northgate Alumni Field

7:00 p.m.

vs. Avonworth (Pittsburgh, PA)
: Avonworth High School

This season is sure to be action packed so don't forget to pick up your season tickets!

Directions to Alumni Field: The field is at Bellevue Elementary School
Summer Reading Program
Avalon Public librarian Sara Mariacher visited the Middle school on May 22, 2014 to promote the summer reading program. This year’s program, Spark a Reaction, will run from June 7 to August 2, and has a science theme. Each week, the library will have a different teen activity, such as zombie preparedness kits, robot junk art, and bouncy ball making. There will be prizes that can be won through raffle tickets obtained for each book read. The program will wrap-up in early August with a Gallifreyan Gala celebrating all things Doctor Who.
Submitted By: Mrs. Schwemmer



The Grammy Awards Music Educator Of The Year
Mrs. Kelly Winovich has been selected to the Final Rounds for The Grammy Awards Music Educator Of The Year. She is one of twenty-seven total teachers from all fifty states chosen for two consecutive years. (There are only eight female teachers from across the U.S. and she is fortunate to be one of them representing Northgate Middle/Senior High School.) This is such a tremendous honor for our students, school and community to receive this National recognition. Some of the entertainment industry involved in supporting this Award are American Idol's Ryan Seacrest, and Grammy Award-Winning Artists Justin Timberlake and John Legend. The Awardee will receive $10,000 for their music program along with an all-expenses paid trip to Los Angeles, CA to be honored at The 2015 Grammy Awards.
Submitted By: Mrs. Winovich
Sixth Graders Welcomed to Middle High School in Move Up Day!
As the Senior Class prepared to graduate, the Middle/High School hosted its first "Move Up Day" for 6th grade students from Avalon and Bellevue. As part of our district transition plan, all classes from sixth to eleventh grade moved up for one day to practice their schedules for next school year. The rising class of 2020 spent their day as seventh graders and got to meet their teachers while becoming acquainted with the building, routines, and their classes for next year. This was the second event held this Spring to assist the class of 2020 as they make their move to Middle School. Given the success of both of these events, we look forward to continuing these efforts in the future. 
Submitted By: Mr. Peacock
Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science State Competition
Northgate High School sophomore Courtney Gillingham attended the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science (PJAS) state competition at Penn State on May 19th, 2014. Courtney had to design and complete her own research project to qualify for the regional meeting at Duquesne University on February 1, 2014.

Courtney’s research project was titled Effect of Blue Light on the Brain, and she competed in the Behavioral Science unit of the regional competition. At the regional competition Courtney was awarded a first place, which qualified her for the state competition. At the state competition Courtney was awarded a second place.

This is Courtney’s first year competing in the PJAS competition. She did very well in designing her experiment, implementing, and analyzing results. At both regional and state competitions Courtney had ten minutes to explain her experiment and analyze her results. Courtney researched her idea on the effect of Serotonin on reaction times. In researching the subject, she found that blue light has been shown to increase reaction times similarly to how an increase in Serotonin affects reaction times. So, Courtney developed three different tests to be conducted with a group of students. Half the students would conduct the tests in white light (control) and the other half in blue light (experimental).

Courtney found her results to be consistent with other tests. The students completing the reaction tests in blue light had significantly faster average reaction time than those completing the tests in white light. Courtney did run a statistically analysis on her data. Overall, Courtney thought it was a great experience and plans on competing next year.

Submitted by: Miss Crapis 
4th Grade Science-Animal Adaptations
Fourth Grade has been studying animal adaptations in science. We have been observing and recording behaviors and characteristics that help animals survive within their habitats. We were fortunate to have a special visitor Mr. Kopar from "Kopar Honey Farm" come to Bellevue Elementary with live bees and honey. We had a great time learning the importance of bee pollination and observed firsthand how bees interact. We have also created habitats for a variety of animals from our Asset Science Unit. We are able to research and compare the adaptations for the Dwarf African Frog, Fiddler Crab, and Woodland Millipede. Students will be adopting and taking care of our animals as we finish up our school year. We hope you have a safe and enjoyable summer.
Submitted by:
Mrs. Bernauer 
Northgate Student Accepted to the Exxon Mobil Bernard Harris Summer Camp
 Owen King, a seventh grader in Mrs. Francis’ science class, has been accepted to the ExxonMobil Bernard Harris Summer Camp. The camp is a 10-day partly residential summer science camp that engages students in grades 6, 7 and 8 with hands-on experimentation and science. Hosted by Washington & Jefferson College, a premier liberal arts institution renowned for its science education, the program focuses on students with an interest in and aptitude for science and mathematics, and who are interested in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics). The theme for this year’s camp is “Foodology: The Science of Food.”
Submitted By: Mrs. Francis
6th Graders Take Their First Step
The sixth grade students from Avalon and Bellevue Elementary were welcomed to the Northgate Middle/High School on Friday, April 26 as their first step toward transitioning to the middle school. The students were welcomed with outstanding performances by the Northgate Chorus and Sizzlers Jazz Band. Afterward, Mr. Kyle, Principal of the Middle/High School, greeted the Sixth Graders with welcoming comments before they toured the building led by seventh grade students and participated in the first ever Club and Activities Fair. The fair was completely student driven with nearly fifty students promoting the eighteen different clubs and activities highlighting the arts, foreign languages, service clubs, and sports our students can be a part of for the next six years. Our guests were very excited and look forward to their return on May 28th for Move Up Day when the students will spend a day following the schedules they will have in the fall.
Submitted By: Mr. Peacock
Spring Festival: Mandarin Chinese at A. W. Beattie Career Center
On Friday, May 2, 2014, A. W. Beattie Career Center held their Annual Spring Festival for all of the students in the area that are taking Mandarin Chinese via teleprompt this year. Northgate High School currently has 5 students that are taking Mandarin Chinese: Kira Nespaul, Emma Werly, Jamara White, Gage Chorherr and Terry Morris. On Friday, Terry and Gage were able to attend the Spring Festival to represent Northgate. Other schools in attendance were Fairview Middle and Senior High School, Quaker Valley Middle and Senior High School, Moon High School, Pine Richland High School and many more.
In the morning, each school performed either a song, a skit or some type of dialogue that showed off their Mandarin skills. The students also got the chance to meet a famous Kung Fu actress and teacher. She performed Ti Chi, Kung Fu and some other interesting techniques that she has used in some famous Chinese films.
For lunch, the student feasted on a local Chinese Restaurant’s food. The owner of the restaurant is a graduate of A. W. Beattie who was giving back to the school for the event. The dishes included everything from stir fry to lo mein to eggrolls and rice.
In the afternoon, the student participated in many authentic Chinese games taught by their professors. Some of the games were Chinese Chess, Shuttlecock, Calligraphy, Chopstick Game, making bracelets, Jigsaw Puzzle.
The students from Northgate really enjoyed the Festival. Terry and Gage reported that the best part of the day was meeting their teacher in person. They have seen her on a screen for the last 8 months. Seeing her in person and getting to talk to her about their experiences was definitely the highlight of the day.
Submitted By: Mrs. Frencho
Peer To Peer Empowerment Group
The Peer to Peer Empowerment group, supported by the Crisis Center North, is a group of students at the Northgate Senior High School that have come together to address a challenging issue that effects all high school students. Their mission project this year was to create a bullying video that showed the negative impact bullying has on a student’s performance, self-esteem and ability to function in a normal day at the high school. The members of this group are: Max Sawicki, Wes Bartholomew, Ashleigh Mortimer, Andy Ungarino, Khalil Condon, Sam Sesti, Shane Adams, Denzelle White, Max Sawicki, Sal Valeriano, Johnny Camello, Matt Dombrowski, and Tori Saylor. The group attended two workshops held by Crisis Center North that helped them along with 9 other schools in Allegheny County to formalize their projects.
On April 15, 2014 the Peer to Peer Empowerment Group split into two and went to Bellevue Elementary and Avalon Elementary to present their video to the 6th grade class. The presentation included the video they created as well as question and answer session that went on for 40 minutes. The 6th grade classes had many questions and shared lots of concerns with the group. The Peer to Peer Group was very supportive and did a great job of explaining what to do in the event of a bullying situation to the 6th grade classes.
On April 29, 2014, The Peer to Peer Empowerment Group along with the 10 other schools in Allegheny County, presented their presentation of their project at The Chadwick in Wexford for Crisis Center North. The group received the Jefferson Award for Public Service for their outstanding job on this project. We are very proud of how these students represented Northgate to the community of Bellevue, Avalon and to Crisis Center North representatives. We are looking forward and already planning for what the project will be next year. We hope you will get involved to support them.

Submitted By: Mrs. Frencho
Earth Day in the 5th Grade
Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970, a result of the efforts of Senator Gaylord Nelson, a passionate advocate of protecting the environment and increasing awareness of environmental issues. More than 20 million Americans participated in the first Earth Day celebration! The overwhelming response helped generate a new political focus on the environment. As that focus has become increasingly global, more people than ever are celebrating Earth Day around the world. Mrs. Hunt's 5th grade students decided to join in the festivities by organizing an Earth Day clean up! These kids armed themselves with garbage bags and gloves and got to work cleaning up trash around our school to keep things looking spotless. The earth thanks you 5th grade!
Submitted By: Mrs. Hunt
Senior Projects
On April 16th and 17th, the class of 2014 presented their Senior Projects to the faculty at Northgate. These young men and women were dressed for success as they discussed their future plans and showed off their public speaking skills. The Senior Project requires students to job shadow in a chosen career field for 8 hours, complete 8 hours of community service, write a research paper on their career field, and present about their experiences using PowerPoint. The staff at Northgate wishes these graduating students best wishes in the future!
Submitted By: Mrs. Nicole Smith

Realtor Luncheon
The Northgate School District recently welcomed local realtors and community officials to a luncheon to promote the school district and the exceptional programs we offer the community. Our guests were welcomed by Dr. Joseph Pasquerilla, Northgate Superintendent, and then treated to performances by our High School Choir and our Sizzlers Jazz Band. Ms. Lattari, Assistant to the Superintendent, detailed the district’s commitment to strong academic programming, including over $12,000,000 in grants the district has sought and been awarded over the past five years. Grant money has been used to enhance curriculum and technology in our schools. Our guests received a great deal of information concerning each of our schools through presentations by each school's Principal and their Parent Teacher Organizations. The highlight of the luncheon came from our high school students. They promoted the extra curricular activities, including vocational and internship opportunities, that they have participated in during their experience at Northgate Middle/High School. During lunch we were treated to a viewing of the school district's new promotional video showcasing each school building as our students and teachers described their experiences at Northgate. We would like to thank all of our guests for taking time from their busy schedules to join us.
Submitted By: Mr. Peacock
Kean Quest Finalists
Members of the Northgate High School Concert Choir, under the Direction of Mrs. Kelly Winovich, participated in the 2014 Kean Quest Talent Competition. Sara Hopkins, Tommy Thomas and Nicholas Hannan were all selected to participate in the Finals held on Friday, April 11th at the Kean Theater in Gibsonia, PA. All three contestants did a fabulous job and the audience all came to a roaring applause during each of the performances. It was stated by the Judging Panel that it was the most talent ever seen at this Competition and they were all thoroughly impressed. (One of the Judges was America's Got Talent Runner-Up Pittsburgh's own Jackie Evancho, who first began her career at the Kean Theater.) Sara came in 4th Place out of 30 Contestants and also was 2nd Place to receiving the coveted Jackie Evancho Award. It was a wonderful and rewarding evening for everyone involved and all proceeds from the Event benefited the Charity at Saint Barnabas.
Submitted By: Mrs. Winovich

Future Chef 2014
Elementary students from Avalon and Bellevue learned the importance of healthy eating while honing their culinary skills thanks to student nutrition provider Sodexo and their Future Chefs: Healthy Sandwich Challenge. The national program, which is in its fourth year and part of Sodexo’s commitment to promoting well-being in support of achievement, was created to get students thinking about making healthy food choices. Students took on the challenge by submitting twenty-four recipes that were judged on: originality, kid friendliness, ease of preparation and healthy attributes. Of the twenty-four students, six challengers were chosen; Paige Butler making a Mexican inspired wrap, Dominique Clark-Enos making her Heart-y Turkey Wrap, Emma DeSimone making Emma’s Tropical Chicken Deelite, Brendan King and his Crunchy King Wrap, Chis Neal making his Pizza Pockets and Mia Rajakovic making her Double Turkey Wrap. The six finalists had to prepare and present their creations before being judged.

Judges talked with each finalist and tasted samples of each healthy sandwich recipe. Once all the judging was complete one winner remained; Paige Butler and her Mexican inspired wrap, Mamma Mia. Paige received a Fit Bit and a basket of cooking utensils donated by Sodexo. Paige’s recipe was submitted to the regional competition. All six finalists received a chef hat, metals and a cookbook. Great job to all those who participated and many thanks to those who made this event a success.

Submitted by : Mrs. Julianne Griffin
Foreign Language Club - European Breakfast
On Friday, March 28, 2014, the Northgate High School Foreign Language Club hosted its annual European Breakfast. Students enrolled in French, German and Spanish classes at the high school feasted on typical breakfast fare from the European countries they study in class each day. Fresh bread and cheese from Germany, croissants smeared with hazelnut spread from France, hot chocolate, pastries and fresh fruit from Spain were among the many items on the menu. The event was organized by the foreign language teachers at the high school. Ms. Cromer, Mr. Michalow and Mr. Bichko, who teach French, German and Spanish, respectively, provided a short lecture on the cultural aspects of breakfast in their respective countries.  Who knew that breakfast could be so educational!
Submitted By: Mr. Bichko
From the Citizen......
Northgate's competitive singers, from left: senior Tommy Thomas (Kean Quest); freshman Gillian Elliott (Junior High District I Chorus); freshman Jessie Roos (Kean Quest and Junior High District I Chorus); senior Nicholas Hannan (Kean Quest); senior Madison Conley (District Chorus); junior Sara Hopkins (Kean Quest).
Every year, hundreds of choral students from the Pittsburgh area compete for positions in both District Chorus and the St. Barnabas Kean Quest. Having six students involved in these activities represents quite an accomplishment for any school, but especially for a smaller one, such as Northgate High School.....
2013-2014 Northgate Forensics Team
The Northgate Forensics team is composed of students from Avalon, Bellevue, and Northgate Middle School. This year, the team was invited to compete in two tournaments, both held at Butler Catholic School on March 8 and March 15, 2014.
The March 8 tournament was "The Finals" for the year. At this tournament, the 7th grade group performed a multiple reading piece which received a second place ribbon. Also at the meet, Laurel Annan, a 7th grade Northgate Middle School student, received a second place ribbon in Impromptu Speaking; Sara Thomas, from Bellevue, received a 3rd place ribbon in Poetry; and Bella Kirk, from Avalon, received a 3rd place ribbon in Declamation.
The March 15 tournament was the "All Stars" tournament. The 7th grade team presented their multiple reading selection and made it to the final round to compete for the trophy for best piece of the year. We are so excited that they made it this far and look forward to taking home the win next year. Sara Thomas and Bella Kirk also presented their pieces at the All Stars Tournament. We are extremely proud of the time and dedication our students and their coaches have put into preparing for this event!
Northgate is proud to be the only public school invited to participate in these tournaments. Our students do a wonderful job of being prepared, poised, and respectful in their presentations and to all they meet. We are very proud of their performance and participation this year and are looking forward to another great year of Forensics at Northgate next year!

Submitted By: Mrs. Schwemmer
Pittsburgh Penguin Foundation Donates Tablets to Avalon Elementary School
The Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation presented Avalon Elementary with 20 Kindle Fire HDX 7 tablets, covers, a charging system, as well as programs, games, and books for students of all ages to use in their classrooms. This is part of their Tablets in Education program which is designed to enhance a child’s academic achievements while continuing to support their social development and relationships with adults and peers. The Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation works to encourage teamwork, stresses the value of education and provide essential life skills to young people in community through youth hockey and other activities. The tablets will be used in our Early Literacy classroom through sixth grade in a multitude of subjects from literacy to communication. This engaging tool increases the complexity of thinking strategies and enhances the content and instruction for our students. Using the pre-loaded apps, the students will be able to make authentic connections needed for academic success in the 21st century. We would like to express our deepest appreciation to the Pittsburgh Penguin Foundation for their generosity and support for our children at Avalon Elementary.
Click here for KDKA news coverage
Click here for NHL coverage
Submitted by: Mr. Peacock

14th Annual Arts Odyssey

Click for more picturesNorthgate welcomed students, staff and community to the 14th annual Arts Odyssey. Arts Odyssey is an event held annually at the Northgate Jr./Sr. High School to promote art in education. The program was started by former board member, Ms. Shirl Reinhart who continues to work with the Arts Odyssey committee. Ms. Reinhart always had a love for the arts in our schools and because of that she was recognized for her years of service and dedication to promoting art in education.

The night started with guests being greeted by staff, administrators and school board members. There was a large Chinese auction and 50/50 in the lobby to help benefit the program. Guests were then directed toward the hallways that were transformed with students paintings, sketches, and projects from grades k-12. There were also amazing wood working projects displayed by students in the industrial arts program. The talent displayed by  our student body was astounding.

After viewing all of the art work guests could go to the cafeteria where 14 groups/organizations offered a variety of food.

Not only was  still art displayed but  live performances were in action. The NRG team performed in the gymnasium with an amazing show. There was a preview of the upcoming musical "Oklahoma!"  and the indication was that this is a show not to miss! The night ended with the elementary, middle and high school band and choral students' performance. They also had a combined number that showcased talent from grades 4-12.  The entertainment was top notch!

There are several people that help make this event happen! A special thank you to Mr. Peacock for his leadership, the art teachers (Mrs. Chirstoforetti, Ms. Wilt, and Mrs. Stuckey), choral and band teachers (Mrs. Winovich, Mrs. Fisher, Mr. Dilliot, Ms. Haberm and Mr. Garrity) industrial arts teacher (Mr. Berwick) for countless hours spent working hard with students to make this event happen, and to the custodians, who put in extra hours to get ready for and clean up after the event.  A special thank you to the school board for continuing to support this wonderful program. We look forward to seeing you next year!
Submitted by : Mrs. Tusick

Tim Hartman - Storyteller at Avalon Elementary
Avalon Elementary was treated to a wonderful message of generosity and kindness from storyteller Tim Hartman from the Pittsburgh Children's Museum. This PTO sponsored event, was a hit with the students and staff alike, as everyone participated in the show.
Submitted by: Mr. Peacock
4th Grade Science

In Electric Circuits, students investigate electricity by wiring a circuit to light a bulb. They come to understand that a circuit must form a complete circle through which electric current can pass in order to light the bulb. Students use this knowledge to explore other electrical concepts, such as what conductors and insulators are and how they work and how diodes affect the flow of electricity. Students also learn about the symbolic language of electricity and use it to read and draw diagrams for wiring circuits and constructing a flashlight. Students apply what they learn about electricity and electrical safety to a final activity in which they design and implement a wiring plan for a cardboard house. These activities cultivate students' abilities to analyze problems, think critically and develop solutions.

Submitted by: Mrs. Bernauer 

Accelerated Reader
Accelerated Reader is a great program that encourages students to read. This year a contest was held for the top readers in grades 7 and 8. The top 30 students were able to attended a fun day at the Carnegie Science Center. The top reader in grade 7 and 8 also receives a $10.00 gift certificate to Best Buy. Reading and English teachers in the middle school support this program and provide additional classroom incentives.

We are also thankful to have community support from McDonald’s, Arby’s and Wendy’s by providing food gift certificates for our students.

Congratulations students!

Winners for 2013-2014 school year
•Claire Ishiyama - 48 books read this school year (757.6 points)
•Grace Bonnett
•Owen King
•Gabrielle Russell
•Kylee Saunders
•Laurel Annan
•Jade Hainer
•Dylan White
•Patrick Stevens
•Mya Atkins
•Angela Frushour
•Dominique Dickson-Presley
•Anna Ungarino
•Malcolm Randall
•Camillia Senvisky
•Dejah Clark – 22 books read this school year for a total of (252.9 points)
•Sammantha Parsons
•Aysha Williams
•Abby Dougherty
•Zechariah Boyce
•Anthony Bartos
•Sam Dougherty
•Mara Lossing
•Cali McWilliams
•Tim Aubel
•Jen Miller
•Victoria Campbell
•Katherine McFarland
•Emily Durler
•Connor Roose
Submitted By: Mrs. Schwemmer

Chess Club
Chess Club began meeting at Avalon Elementary and Bellevue Elementary in early October, 2013. The Elementary chess clubs accept student in grades 3-6, although younger children who understand how to play and have received the proper permission are permitted. Observing the focus and concentration of Northgate’s chess players is truly inspiring.
Avalon Elementary met on Mondays in Mrs. Majerac’s Avalon classroom immediately after school and had over twenty participants.
Bellevue’s chess club met in Bellevue’s auditorium under the supervision of Mr. Primrose. Thanks go to custodians, Mr. Conway and Mr. Cooper, for putting out tables and chairs in the auditorium for Bellevue’s chess players.
Northgate’s Elementary Chess Tournament took place in December at Bellevue Elementary. The results are as follows:

Senior Division:
1st place: Alex Sawicki
2nd place: Jacian Sustayta

Junior Division:
1st place: Andrew Baldauff
2nd place: Dylan McWilliams

Special recognition to Avalon's 4th grade, who had the largest representation with 12 participants! Keep playing chess and we're proud of you Northgate Elementary students!
Thanks to Mr. Craycraft, Ms. English and Mr. Primrose for assisting at this tournament. Special thanks to Mr. Jim Robertson for his supervision of this tournament
Submitted by: Mrs. Majerac
Northgate Connects with Brazil
Recently, Mrs. Hartzell, Northgate's Coordinator of Special Services, and Mrs. Halli, Allegheny Intermediate Unit ESL Teacher at Northgate Middle/High School, were selected by the Allegheny Intermediate Unit's English as a Second Language Department Staff to participate in an educational forum with School Administrators from Brazil. On Monday, March 3, 2014, Mrs. Hartzell and Mrs. Halli participated in the English as a Second Language forum at the Allegheny Intermediate Unit in the Waterfront. Both Mrs. Hartzell and Mrs. Halli shared strategies, challenges, and solutions that face English as a Second Language students with a team of Administrators from Brazil, who were looking to gather information in an attempt to change and improve educational practices in Brazil. Both Mrs. Hartzell and Mrs. Halli enjoyed the collaborative communication and the opportunity to also hear about the educational system in Brazil.
Submitted by: Mrs. Hartzell
First in Math Fun 
The students at Avalon Elementary celebrated their first semester First In Math stickers with a pizza party for the top 5 sticker earners in each grade level! The First in Math program is available to stu b dents in grades 3-6 in both elementary schools. The program uses a game format to increase math skills that range from simple addition to complex Algebra. Students earn stickers for their hard work. The top sticker earner at Avalon is Adam Bonidie with 10,567 stickers and Bellevue is Brendan King with 3,846 stickers. So far this year the students at Avalon Elementary have solved 386,697 math problems and the Bellevue students have solved 465,051 math problems using the First in Math program. Keep up the hard work!  
Submitted by: Mrs. Tusick
Farm to Table
On February 11, Bellevue Elementary students attended "Farm to Table", an assembly presented by Elizabeth Pagel-Hogan and provided through the American Health Care Group. The assembly is presented in a game show format to get the students excited about local Pennsylvania based foods and how to eat a variety of them. The program also tests their ability to work together as a team. Students are picked from the audience and put into teams on the stage. They are then asked questions about food facts, complete physical challenges, and play out charades for points. The audience actively participates by encouraging each team when they are working through their tasks by clapping loudly. The assembly was well received by the Bellevue students and they learned many healthy food facts!
Submitted by: Miss Trimber


Northgate Continues to Make Safety a Priority
On January 23, 2014, Governor Corbett and Senator Scarnati announced that $3.9 Million in School Resource Officer and School Police Officer Grants would be awarded to 81 local municipalities and school districts in Pennsylvania. Both Mrs. Hartzell, Coordinator of Special Services, and Sergeant Hudson, of the Bellevue Borough Police Department, worked diligently to submit a grant proposal to the Pennsylvania Department of Education, on a tight and narrow deadline, and were recently informed that Northgate has been awarded $60,000 for the School Resource Officer Competitive Targeted Grant, in an effort to maintain a high level of safety and security within the district's facilities....Click for Press Release

NHCO Food Bank Collection
The students at Bellevue Elementary School collected coins for the North Hills Community Outreach Food Bank during the week of December 9 to December 13. The amount collected was $442.58 for families who use the food bank in our area. The students were reminded that a little change goes a long way and were able to prove that by their generous donations! The top three classes with the heaviest cans of coins won a pizza party for their classroom. The winning classrooms were : Mrs. Bernauer's class with 33.4 pounds, Mrs. Heffley's class with 30.6 pounds and Mrs. Gusew's class with 14.6 pounds. A big thank-you goes out to all the students who brought in their spare change.
Submitted by: Miss Trimber
When It Rains, It Drains
Click image for more picturesOn December 19, 2013 students in Miss Crapis', Mr. Donini's, and Mrs. Francis' classes welcomed Amy Gross from ALCOSAN to continue their learning about the watersheds and water pollution. The seventh grade science classes participated in the ALCOSAN Scholastic Outreach activity, "When it rains, it drains." Students built a mini watershed model to demonstrate how a watershed functions and how pollutants can seep into our water supply.
Submitted by: Mrs. Francis
Highmark Foundation Grant
highmark northgate grantCongratulations to Northgate High School and the Physical Education Department, who are the recipients of a $6,500 Highmark Foundation Creating a Healthy School Environment Grant for the 2013 – 2014 school year. Miss McGinnis wrote the grant that will focus on creating a safe school environment. The Highmark Foundation grant monies will be used to purchase American Red Cross instructional videos and supplies, CPR manikins, AED equipment and first aid practice supplies.

Students in grades 9 through 12 will be trained and certified during their physical education class in First Aid/CPR and AED for adults and infants. The students will also receive training in injury management and disaster preparedness as part of their physical education class. The students will be pre and post tested with the main goal being to certify every student in the high school.

At the end of the year the physical education classes will take part in a mock disaster scenario. Sergeant Hudson, our school resource officer, will coordinate with local police, fire, EMS and the high school physical education teachers to create and facilitate the event.

Phase two of the grant program will be to start and sustain a Red Cross School Club. The club will receive support from the Pittsburgh branch of the Red Cross in the form of programming, free materials and additional training. Sergeant Hudson and Miss McGinnis will direct the club’s launch in the spring. The club will focus on choosing projects based on the needs of the community. For example, outreach to after school programs for small children where our high school students will volunteer to teach basic safety skills to the children or offering training to local Boy Scout and/or Girl Scout troops in our community.

norhtgate highmark grantSpecial thanks to Mr. Bob Metz who helped generate several ideas for launching and implementing the grant as well as advising Miss McGinnis on the purchase of all the equipment and the logistics for the equipment use and facilitating storage.
Submitted by: Miss McGinnis

What’s happening in High School Physical Education Class?
northgate karateA new sport was taught to the students in Miss McGinnis’ first period physical education class in December, 2013. Karate! Mr. Talbert volunteered to teach the students a mini unit on the Martial Art of Karate. While Mr. Talbert usually serves as a guidance counselor at the high school for students in grades 10 to 12, he was happy to bring a new twist to our physical education class. northgate karateMr. Talbert taught the students the proper techniques for using their arms to punch and defend and ward off potential attackers. He also demonstrated and taught proper leg kicks, blocks and other movements. Students also learned proper Karate warm-ups, breathing techniques and counting for exercises. This was a great addition to our curriculum!
Submitted by: Miss McGinnis
Elementary November Perfect Attendance
Many students at Bellevue and Avalon achieved perfect attendance for the month of November. The reward for perfect attendance for that month was a coupon for a Jr. Frosty at Wendy's and a coupon for School Wide Positive Behavior. The students were very excited to get their picture taken and receive the reward. It is important for students in elementary school not to miss too many days because it can greatly affect their education in later years. Congratulations to all the students who had perfect attendance for October and November. Keep up the good work!!
*Click the picture for all perfect attendance students

Submitted by: Miss Trimber
Grant Awarded
GrantMrs. Monahan was awarded a $500 grant from Adopt-A-Classroom in conjunction with the Coach Foundation to spend on supplies and materials for her classroom. She was able to purchase games and necessary teaching materials to support Kindergarten through Sixth grade in Reading and Math. The resources will be used to enhance Panther Period and prepare students for the PSSA . All of the materials are aligned to the PA Common Core Standards. Among the items purchased were 12 learning games, 20 white boards, 25 clocks, various dice, plastic money, a math toolkit, and a book for the SMART Board with activities. Thank you Avalon PTO for introducing this wonderful website!
Submitted by: Mrs. Monahan
SADD Brings the SIM
SIMSIMOn Friday, November 22, 2013 Northgate High School SADD Chapter sponsored the SAFETY SIMulator. The SIMulator is a trailer that houses a large video-game driving set up. It helps students experience various driving conditions yet in a safe condition. The SIMulator was brought to us by the Allegheny County Alcohol Highway Safety Program/DUI Pretrial Services Department.
Inexperience is a leading cause of crashes among teen drivers. The SAFETY SIMulator is one way to gain additional experience behind the wheel. It lets you drive safely under many diverse conditions, including snow, fog, and heavy traffic. It allows you to feel firsthand how alcohol impairs your ability to steer and brake, and also shows the danger to you when others are impaired. The lessons in safe driving and the effects of impairment are lessons that the SAFETY SIMulator hopes to teach students and help prevent risky behaviors, hopefully saving future lives.
Submitted by: Ms. Crapis
Northgate Marching Band Recognized
Northgate Band Andy UngarinoOn Monday, November 11, 2013 the Northgate Flames Marching Band marched down Liberty Avenue in Downtown Pittsburgh playing to thousands of spectators while paying tribute to our veterans past and present. The event was the 2013 Veterans Day parade and it was made up of nineteen local high school marching bands, the U.S. Coast guard marching band, military units and dignitaries. At the end of the parade route stood a grandstand where each marching band was judged by a committee. It was there that the Northgate Flames Marching Band was awarded with the trophy for the best two-star band group. The number of stars is contingent upon the number of students in the band. We were judged to be the best of other bands in our star group. As well as the trophy, which was presented to us at a special ceremony held at Soldiers and Sailors Hall on Sunday, November 17, 2013, the band’s drum major Andrew Ungarino was also presented with a medal recognizing his skill as the band’s leader. It was a truly great way to honor our valiant veterans and show off the pride of the Northgate Flames Marching Band.
Press Release
2013 SWPBIS Fall Fesitval
On October 25, Avalon Elementary celebrated its 7th year of School-Wide Positive Behavior Intervention Support (SWPBIS) with an all-school Fall Harvest Festival. Click for more picturesBecause of our students’ adherence to our school wide expectations, they were rewarded with a fun day of games (tug of war, cornhole, sack races, relay races, etc.); face painting; snacks; and arts and crafts. We also had a visit from our local emergency responders with fire trucks and police cars. Although the weather forced us into the gym, it did not dampen the spirits of our students. An event like this does not take place without a lot of help. Special thanks go out to our entire school staff, Avalon PTO who provided snacks and drinks, our wonderful parent volunteers and high school students who helped supervise and did face painting, the Avalon Public Library (crafts), and the Avalon fire and police departments. We look forward to having a year full of positive behavior!
Submitted by: Rose Kasunic
 Click for pictures
here is a new program at the Bellevue and Avalon Elementary Schools! We believe that attendance and academic success go hand in hand; to promote this we have launched the Attendance Incentive Program that will run from October until April.

At the end of each month the classroom with the highest on time attendance will receive a trophy to be displayed in their classroom for the month. In each grade level, the students with perfect attendance will receive a small reward along with being  in that months group picture.

Good attendance helps kids succeed in school! When you miss school you miss out and we miss you!

Submitted by: Sharron Trimber
Northgate Band Festival
On October 19th the Northgate Marching Band hosted their fifth annual Band Festival. Despite the threat of rain and near freezing temperatures the festival was a success! Marching bands came from near and far: Cambridge Springs traveled two hours from Erie to Bellevue, while our neighbors North Hills only had a five minute bus ride. Other bands in attendance included Riverview, Chartiers- Houston, Penn Hills, Obama Academy, and Duquesne University. Each band took us on a sound adventure. We visited the streets of New York in North Hills’ West Side Story show, Obama Academy shook a tail feather to Beyonce's, Crazy in Love, we were transported to Transylvania with Chariters- Houston's Time Warp, and Northgate was giving cavities with their Sugar Show. The festival concluded with all eight bands joining on the field and playing Irving Berlin's God Bless America. It was a great event!
Submitted by: Alyssa Meyers
Forensics Competition
Northgate ForensicsOn Saturday, November 2, 2013, four 7th grade Middle School students competed in a Forensics Tournament against 26 other schools at St. Alexis School in Wexford, PA. The group performed a multiple reading piece which placed third in the first round and second in the final round of the competition. Our students did a wonderful job of being both professional and respectful during their time at St. Alexis. We are very proud of their performance and participation.

Northgate is the only public school invited to participate in these Tournaments. They are now preparing for their next Forensic s Tournament which will be held at East Catholic School on January 11, 2014. They will be joined by several students from both Bellevue and Avalon 5th and 6th grade classes. We wish them luck on their next competition.

Submitted by: Laura Brunner
Northgate Students Paint the Town
On October 22, 2013 several art students from the high school, accompanied by Mrs. Stuckey and Mr. Berwick, arrived early in the morning to paint windows in celebration of the fall season. It was one of the colder days of the week, but we all bundled up ready for a long day of painting windows on Lincoln Avenue in Bellevue.

Breaking off into teams we scattered down the avenue to begin our work. It would take roughly eight hours, but we were able to paint and decorate several store windows, all with different characters or styles. Some windows were given pumpkins and leaves to express the change of seasons; others were given well- known Halloween characters to prepare the residents of the community for the popular holiday.

The opportunity to paint the store windows not only gave the students of Mrs. Stuckey’s art class the chance to express themselves creatively in ways for the entire community to see, but it also brought the community together. This event was an advertisement of not only the talents of the students at Northgate High School, but also of the brilliant teachings offered to us. The weather might have been cold, and it may have been early, but we were doing something enjoyable and good for the community. The experience was not one that I will soon forget, nor- I hope- others.

Northgate ArtSubmitted by: Dannielle Pendzich
Northgate Artnorthgate artnorthgate artnorthgate art
Red Ribbon Week
Red Ribbon Week is the oldest and largest drug prevention campaign in the country. Red Ribbon Week commemorates the ultimate sacrifice made by DEA Special Agent Enrique "Kiki" Camarena.
This year Red Ribbon Week was celebrated October 28 to November 1, 2013. The students at Avalon and Bellevue Elementary participated in a coloring contest in Art class. A winner was picked from each classroom and rewarded with a prize at the end of the week with their names put on the morning announcements. The winning entries are displayed in each school and on the Northgate website.
Red Ribbon Week serves as a vehicle for schools to promote our commitment to a drug free community and to make healthy choices.

Avalon Winners Bellevue Winners
Miss Anderson- Danica Dolecki
Mrs. Nusskern-Madison George
Mrs. Caldwell- Naturelle Bronaugh
Mrs. McCarthy-Alyssa Reed
Mr. Hurley-Ryan Neal
Mrs. Spanos-Kara Elliott
Miss Auth-Shyla Baptiste
Mrs. Maxwell-Hannah Roberts
Mrs. Kasunic-Shealyn Blaney
Mrs. Klicker-Michelle Brooks
Miss Roberts-Melanie Reese
Ms O’Donnell-Alayna Manion
Mr. McDevitt-Madeleine Ebaugh
Mrs. Majerac-Emily Haller
Mrs. Doerr-Tessa Uccellini
Mrs. Calabrese-Alaina Kleebank
Mrs. Persson-Arianna Umphrey
Mrs. Emery-Caiden Klein
Miss Wetzel-Savanna Veshio
Ms Heffley-Eva Schumacher
Mrs. Durkin-Danielle Brown
Mrs. Knable-Alyssa Rosatone
Mr. Hoffman-Patrick Sobeck
Mr. Majerac-Leah Burns
Mrs. Bernauer-Isabella Uccellini
Ms English-Demetris Mitchell
Mrs. Hunt-Xavier Nelson
Mrs. Gusew-Chris Rapp
Mr. Ewing-Mariah Benny
Acts of Kindness
Mrs. Bernauer's Fourth Grade Class participated in their annual Random Acts of Kindness. They celebrated Halloween by sharing stories with Mrs. Slate's Pre K Counts Class. The students in fourth grade partnered up with students in Pre K to read a story donate books and share some juice and pumpkin cookies. Fun was had by all. We are looking forward to visiting again at Valentines Day.northgate preknorthgate prekNorthgate PreK
northgate prek

Avalon Math Matters

avalon mathnorthgate avalon mathIn Ms. Robert’s classroom, math is open for inquiry and debate.  The students in her class regularly challenge Ms. Roberts and one another as they grapple with anything from the seemingly simple, to complex mathematical principles.  During a routine visit, I recently was pulled into a lesson where I was selected by a student to provide an answer.  My answer was quicklynorthgate avalon math challenged by a student and followed by several others northgate avalon mathsuddenly debating the validity of my choice.  As a Principal, it's not often you find students so ready to challenge your decision; however, this experience made me very proud to see the confidence of our fifth grade students.  It was soon a feeding frenzy of mathematical reasoning as the children respectfully agreed or disagreed with one another until the entire class agreed on the correct solution. 


National Walk to School Day

northgate walk to schoolHave you ever heard of National Walk to School Day?  It is an annual, national event to promote sidewalk safety and awareness in the community.  Avalon Elementary School was excited to participate in this year’s walk.  We walked to school on Wednesday, October 9, 2013.

Students and parents met with their teachers at the YMCA.  It was a great time to meet our friends from Bellevue and Assumption Schools.  The PTO’s from both elementary schools offered a nutritious snack. Our favorites were bananas and granola bars. 

When the walk began, each school was led by their respective fire company and banners announcing the day.  The Northgate High School chorus followed the fire truck.  The police kept us safe along the way with the help of crossing guards, fire police, and National Honor students.northgate walk to school

Upon arriving at the school we were entertained by the chorus.  There were many excellent solos and duets.  We were encouraged to sing along to the songs we knew.

It was a lot of fun and we look forward to participating again next year.
Submitted by Avalon Students

Bellevue and Assumption students also participated in this event and  along with the fire and police departments, were led by the Northgate High School Marching Band.

Avalon PBIS Enters It's Seventh Year

The Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports program has been an integral part of Avalon Elementary for the past six years.  This year the focus expectation is being positive.  At Avalon we are working to find ways to have positive relationships with one another in our friendships and classrooms.  Thanks to our fourth grade students led by Mrs. Kasunic and  Mrs. Kicker for doing a great job presenting the message!

Avalon Launches Lunch on the Lawn "Picnic Style"

Avalon Elementary has had a long standing tradition of holding lunch on the lawn in the Spring of each year.  This year we kicked off the tradition with our brand new picnic tables provided by Avalon's own Sam Sesti.  Sam is a senior at Northgate and newly awarded Eagle Scout.  His Eagle project for his community was to gather the funding and coordinate the assembly of thirteen picnic tables and a shed to store them.  We are able to comfortably serve our students lunch or provide seating for special events such as our Harvest Festival, Avalon Olympics, and Field day.  The tables are also being used to provide seating for outdoor classroom activities.


Kindergarten Fall Walk

The Avalon Kindergarten students took their annual Fall walk to explore the outdoors and gather leaves. 
The students walked around the block and in the wooded areas to gather leaves and other items for study.  They then identified and described their leaves creating "rubs" to remember their leaf.   The kindergarteners were our first students to enjoy our new picnic tables for our outdoor classroom.  The students showed that you can learn a lot while enjoying the outdoors.  A special thanks to Ms. Anderson and Mrs. Nusskern for the creativity, patience and excitement they brought to the day's adventure.  


New to You

While studying Land and Water in our Science Modules, Mrs. Bernauer's fourth grade classes created some “Tremendous Trash”. This project was a Fourth Grade Challenge to help reduce waste. The students gathered empty containers such as egg cartons, milk jugs, cans, bottles, food containers, and other materials to reuse.  Fourth Grade did an incredible job designing and decorating items to use in a new way.  They also wrote a paragraph that described their products in order to convince others to reuse materials in a similar way.   Please consider this project our way of reminding us all to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.         
Submitted By: M
rs. Bernauer


Officer Phil Program
The Officer Phil Program came to visit Bellevue and Avalon Elementary schools on Wednesday September 25, 2013 for Kindergarten through 4th grade. The program dealt with safety and what strategies students should use when encountering a stranger or other dangerous situations. The program also emphasized how not to be a bully and how to be able to identify one. A magician/ventriloquist preformed for the students in the auditorium. He did many magic tricks to the delight of the crowd. They were in awe of the light trick, magic blocks and a pipe that turned into ribbon. His puppet Cosmo entertained the students and then taught them how not to be a bully. The program was provided by Sergeant Mike Hudson of the Bellevue Police Department.
Submitted By: Mr. Primrose



In fifth grade science at Bellevue, our students have been learning about the five kingdoms of living things.  We have recently read about mold and how it can be helpful as well as harmful to us.  We are currently engaged in an experiment involving bread slices in sandwich bags.  Our mold observations sparked the interest of 5th grader, Josh Dugan, so much that he wanted to begin a new experiment of his very own.  In April of 2013, David Whipple found a 14-year-old McDonalds hamburger that he had placed in his coat pocket after buying it in 1999!  The burger showed no signs of fungus or mold with the exception of a disintegrated pickle!  The owner of the hamburger believes that the burger stayed this way due to the high level of preservatives found in fast food.  After hearing this story, Josh brought in his own McDonald's hamburger.  Josh placed the hamburger in a sealed sandwich bag, and our students have been closely observing it to see if David Whipple's theory holds true.  After two weeks, the burger is completely covered in mold.  This has lead us to believe that McDonald's may have changed their recipe a bit so that their foods are made with more natural ingredients.  It doesn't matter if you're in a lab or a fast food restaurant...SCIENCE IS EVERYWHERE!
Submitted by: Mrs. Hunt


Northgate Preschool
The Northgate School District is operating a PA Pre-K Counts Classroom. Eligible children were accepted into this program for the 2013 – 2014 program year with preference given to children who will enter Kindergarten in the 2014 – 2015 school year and are not currently enrolled or selected for Head Start or other Pre-K Counts programs. The Pre-K Counts program is located at Bellevue Elementary, runs a full school year, Monday – Friday 8:10 a.m. – 2:40 p.m., at no cost to parents/guardians to help children learn Kindergarten readiness skills.

The Northgate School District Pre-K Counts program offers a highly qualified teacher and teacher aide. The program is recognized by the State for offering high quality instruction in all areas of early childhood development – social, academic, gross motor, fine motor and behavior. In addition, parents are provided with information throughout the program regarding the child’s progress and development, as well as a wide range of services to participating families.


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