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Welcome to Avalon Elementary!  I became part of the Northgate School District four years ago as the Assistant Principal in the Middle High School where I had a great experience with the students, staff and parents. This year, I am truly honored to be the Principal of a wonderful school and look forward to being part of such a welcoming community. 

This is an exciting year for the Northgate School District and the Avalon School community as we are embarking on our first year of the Keystones to Opportunity Grant.   The grant awarded the Northgate School District $710,000 per year for a possible five years.  As the school district has benefited from this grant as a whole, Avalon has benefited in a number of ways that will have an immediate positive impact on our students.   We have begun by providing new literacy curriculum, books and resource materials to all of our students and teachers.  Our teachers have begun to participate in a number of trainings specifically tailored to the best practices in literacy development.  Our most exciting training so far was provided by Dr. Anita Archer to the entire Northgate faculty.  Dr. Archer is a nationally renowned researcher, author, and educator that brings research and theory into practice.  Aside from training our teachers, leading an evening dinner and presentation with our community, Dr. Archer also taught six classes throughout the school district as demonstrating her practices with our students.  At Avalon, she taught Mrs. Maxwell’s third grade and Mrs. Smith’s sixth grade classes focusing on background knowledge and vocabulary development.  After each lesson she debriefed with the teachers that observed the lesson providing valuable insight to the purpose and techniques of a master teacher.

In conjunction with these great resources we will be initiating our “Focus on Literacy” campaign in our school to further the importance and enjoyment of reading with our students.  As we all know children will do as we do, not always what we say. With this in mind, we have begun our campaign by photographing all of the adults in our building reading.  With the assistance of our art teacher, Mr. Zettle and the efforts of our PTO, the students designed “custom” frames for all of our pictures and they are now proudly on display in our main foyer.  In the next phase of our campaign we are asking our parents to submit photographs of them reading to their children so we can add them to our display as a powerful reminder of the importance of literacy.

We are entering our sixth year of our Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports program.  This year’s theme is “Detect Respect”.  In our kick off assembly students from all grades participated in presenting respectful behaviors to our entire school.  The highlight of the program was a skit acted by our sixth grade student “Respect Detectives” who detected disrespectful behavior and demonstrated how to be respectful.  This program included the featured components of our PBIS anti-bullying curriculum which are: Stop, Walk, and Talk.  Our faculty will continue to provide our students opportunities to learn respectful behaviors and practice them in their daily lives.  As always, we will continue to focus and reinforce the positive behaviors we expect to decrease unwanted behaviors.  

We are looking forward to working closely with the members of our school community to provide our students a challenging curriculum and the most rewarding experience possible. 




Joseph J. Peacock, Jr.


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